by The Dissenter

Fading Michele Bachmann looks to ‘tea party’ debate for boost

Monica Almeida, The New York Times

Cue the world’s smallest violin…

Is Monday night’s Republican presidential debate a make-or-break moment for Michele Bachmann?

It might sound a bit ridiculous to talk in such terms while almost five months away from the first time Republican voters cast ballots in Iowa, but there is a sense that the Minnesota congresswoman’s presidential bid is rapidly losing steam.

So the good congresswoman is having difficulty breaking through the Romney/Perry barricade. Her campaign manager bolted over the weekend, leaving the ship without a rudder. She was mostly irrelevant in last week’s Reagan Library debate. Now, she seeks to avoid further obscurity (aka the Pawlenty Syndrome) by bolstering her Tea Party bona fides in tonight’s CNN/Tea Party debate.

Bachmann may be the “Queen” of the Tea Party, but that matters little to the Washington media. Conflict is gold, and the Perry/Romney spat is fit for mining.

Of course, being Queen of the Tea Party means even less to most Americans. Being the most recognizable face for an unreasonable, intransigent group rarely yields positive results.

Never fear, Bachmann fanatics. I am here to provide all the Bachmann coverage you could ask for. Even as she fades back into tea-induced oblivion.

Here’s a recent one from Bachmann’s list of “ridiculous promises.”

Perhaps Bachmann believes that the President can wave his/her hand and magically resolve all the country’s economic problems. That’s the only rationale I can determine from her incredulous statements.

I shouldn’t have to tell you that the price of gasoline is primarily determined by the global oil market, which fluctuates wildly based on numerous factors. Nor should I have to tell you that while gasoline prices were below $2 when President Obama took office, they averaged over $4 six months prior, in July 2008.

And I certainly shouldn’t have to tell you that “drill baby, drill” is nothing more than a catchy campaign slogan.

But, if you’re reading this blog, I imagine you’re among the proud few who cling to Bachmann as the savior for this country. Go forth then, brave conservative warriors. We’ll just take care of things at home.


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