by The Dissenter

Bachmann: HPV vaccine might cause mental retardation

Last night’s debate gave Bachmann a grand opening to wound GOP frontrunner Rick Perry. She slammed Perry for his executive order requiring teenage girls to be vaccinated against Human papillomavirus, which can cause cervical cancer in women.

(One point that is often missed in this debate: Perry’s law allowed people to abstain from the vaccine by filing a conscientious objection — much like one would to avoid conscription. The law was eventually nullified by the Texas legislature, and Perry has since admitted it was a mistake.)

Of course, being “forced” by the government to do anything is anathema to Tea Party conservatives, and Perry’s defense was lackluster at best. Score one for the Bachmann team.

After the debate, Bachmann claimed that woman approached her to commend her views on the vaccine, adding that her daughter has developed “mental retardation” as a result of receiving it.

Candidates likely hear a lot of stories on the campaign trail. Most of the time, they would look into the details before referencing it in later appearances. But our intrepid candidate didn’t bother to look into the facts. There was a news cycle to be claimed!

Oh, I just love seeing GOPers bashing each other.  Ed Morrissey of HotAir said Bachmann was duped. Even Rush Limbaugh said she was mistaken.

CDC studies further contradicts Bachmann’s assertion, saying that “HPV vaccines were safe and cause no serious side effects. The most common adverse event was injection site pain, redness and swelling,” and that no direct correlation to “adverse effects” — much less mental disabilities — can be proven.

But the pesky facts sure can mess up a good narrative.


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