by The Dissenter


Wait, this isn’t what she’s actually saying?

It actually makes more sense than most of what comes out of her mouth.


The parodying is sometimes just too easy.

From WCCO-AM host John Williams, talking to “Not Michele Bachmann”:

Cooper: Bachmann’s “Dangerous Falsehoods”

Sometimes you don’t even need to say anything. Everything plays out by itself.

From Anderson Cooper 360:

Hurricane Irene a “sign from God?”

We get it, Rep. Bachmann. You don’t like government spending. You want to rein it in.

Fine. But I sincerely doubt that a natural storm is the Almighty’s sign that we’re spending too much.

Why does the Religious Right think they know why God does things? From my studies of the Bible, humans cannot even begin to comprehend God’s plan. I would imagine that an omniscient deity would pretty much make the rules Himself.

Hurricane Irene isn’t a sign that God’s angry about government spending. Or homosexuality, for that matter.

Bachmann later said that her statement was a joke. Nobody’s laughing — since the storm claimed 54 lives.

Nice try, congresswoman.


Bachmann Comic

A page from False Witness, the Michele Bachmann Comic

Visitors to Twin Cities News Talk may remember me from a few months ago. I was the thorn in their side, constantly prodding at their cherished positions.

Well, I’m back with a new venture: The Bachmann Chronicles. A humble little blog dedicated to exposing Rep. Michele Bachmann as the lunatic we all know her to be.

Well, at least anyone who doesn’t exist on the far right edge of American politics.

I understand that I’m not alone in this mission. Rep. Bachmann has offered plenty of material for others to collect and ridicule. But I hope to bring these incidents to an audience that seems to think she’s a competent politician.

Heh. What a silly thought.